«At last, the light shares it’ s warmith to our faces through the clouds of darkness. The evolution in our minds is an utopical fact, a conscious submission of pure and rightous existence through emotional creativity. The birth of the sons of freestyle took place sometime ago, and now that the seed in grown, the children if the microphone, the believers of the dream are forming the unformable clan of umicah.» X-Ray.
My word is bond for my own kind.
Utopic microphonic state of mind.
Check, check it-e-checkit, check it!
Here comes me a jam umicah the man to wreck it
word ‘em up cause I make it understandable
thet me don’ t fake it Ha!
We are in command Utopic state of mind
with mic in my hand
to the society, saying we are making us all free Rap has a new source,
what a flavour the new force power,
in this dark of an hour.
The land of the muses refuses and looses
still accuses our intelligent fusions
Hip hop culture sets fire in your brains
Coming in as a sign from me the master to maintain.
We have a situation, yes sir, growing around us
nobody can control it, but the values that found us
the laws that we saw, breeding now men
Bobopapa om boy we ‘ve got some talent
give me the microphone and give me the quicker radical mind
and the result of umicah which now has been defined
utopic mind condition above hate or after hearing
utopic microphonic art of healing
Whatever you call it, you ‘re having a problem to share it, to comprehend it
you ‘ve never been able to live in the dream and now you ‘re trying to trend it
so fuck your clan, we ‘re more than just a band
God damned, we ‘re the children of another land
Though we struggle for the light in this evil fricken moor
triple eight to the date on behalf of the proud and poor
I’ m spreading now the seed legal or no indeed
holy is the need to grow strong umicah breed.
Low bap with mad flow
Grow foundation manifesto
Glow light of future, bring to us the new jah
bringing in to you the true umicah from the nature
urban natives social declaration
nature revelation pure inspiration variation
of words against swords
from the lords swinging it to the crazy psychedelica chords
never triping never quiting always close to fire
coming with the freestyle kicking it with the sire
anti-massive productions voice ain’ t passive no fractions
elevation above law no conservative actions
message quickly ejects we are earing respect
choose the light and stay real when we come to correct
radical script from a see through point of view
umicah is rising from the east and now gave it the clue to you.

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