Is there a place for our young life to take a rest?
Is there a place for their morality to nest?
Are there colours that stand out in black?
And if you know any, show me the track.
I’ m at a loss and sundered in four
parts of this world forgotten and filled up with lore.
Some are old and some die at birth.
There’s one inside me you, too. I’m matrix of both!
All drowned in blood and saved by lies,
wound on a spool with golden thread and thousand ties,
drunken without having taken a draught
to a sacred cause they sung and laughed.
For this I tell you, come! Take all sublime in life
to fight back the times, sing and laugh.
Talk to the feared ones look them straight in the eyes,
shut your ears, and stay away from haunted cries.
If you still smell blood from many parts of this world
make it a song, sing it for those who know the words,
will find a match and a secret hideaway
when their soul weighs down with decay.
Our destiny quails while we sing to it songs
and if we dare put flowers on our very gravestones.
Stupid angels I ‘ll never cease to holler
my black demons I stole your colour.
Naked kings, naked prophets entice
almighty gods to let them once again sacrifice.
And we – the tramps – all round this world
make up a spell, and if it never works
we wouldn’t care -say it’s a folly, a gaffe
come along you can make it – sing and laugh
for those proud ones who unjustly went by
I ‘m always on the side of those who die.
For Palestine – sing and laugh
For the valley – sing and laugh
For the Balkans – sing and laugh
For Cyprus – sing and laugh
For Genova – sing and laugh
For Seattle – sing and laugh
For the white cells – sing and laugh
For the dead – sing and laugh
For Markos – sing and laugh
For Gandhi – sing and laugh
For Che Guevara – sing and laugh
For Martin Luther King – sing and laugh
For our enemy – sing and laugh
For our murderer – sing and laugh
For our dream – sing and laugh
Sing to the children with the cruciform hands
sing to the women with the coal black bands
sing to those who dig the earth with their sweat
and to those who laugh away their iry fret
Sing to the dreams that never found their way
and to the heroes that died before betraying
for all that human mind can not surmise
barbed wire horizons and skies.
Sing and the imposible will all at once retire
sing earth, wind, water and fire.
Instead of crying laugh on life’s behalf
for me and for you sing on and laugh.

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