Μου είπανε σκύλε,τι συμβαίνει στη χώρα σας τελικά?
Εδω οι φήμες τα λένε λίγο σκούρα και βιαστικά!
Τους είπα εντάξει…..το θέμα είναι μεγάλο και βαθύ,
θέλει γερό στομάχι,πόνο,πίστη και υπομονή.
Όπως και να’χει απ’όπου και να’σε τίμα το σπίτι σου,
στα μικρά σου αδερφάκια μη μεταφέρεις τη λύπη σου,
καθε μέρα αγώνας,χτυπάει το ξυπνητήρι σου,
επόμενος γύρος πρέπει να πληρώσεις το νοίκι σου!
Γαμώτο και άλλοι φόροι φόβοι και άλλοι σταυροφόροι βιοπάλη,
πάλι, κυνηγώντας το άδειο πορτοφόλι,πόλη κρύα,
πολιτική ασυλεία,βία, γεμάτα θρανεία,δίχως βιβλία ΖΗΤΩ Η ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ!!!
Απόψε,απόψε είπα να γράψω γιατί στάθηκα,
εγώ μ’αυτούς και τα γεγονότα μας και τρελάθηκα!
Η ζωή είναι πουτάνα μου είπανε μα δεν τη γάμησα,
θα παραμείνω δυνατός για όσους με χρειάστηκαν!!!!

Money invested in a system that got us under pressure, Its time for desperate measures, People have the right to be protesting, Are strong presents got them wearing protection, they put the fear in the people expecting them to be peasants, History makers, Ground breakers, Star gazers, Breakers of mathematical equations a nation where the gods land was sacred. They tried to rape it and take it for their own purpose.. The plan was thought out to be perfect till my people held a firm fist! to these puppets behind the curtains, Ready to burn this mother fucker right down to the surface.. Politicians on a string the pictures bigger then you think, the game is played with a pen the line is signed in red ink… Dirty cops caught red handed on camera treating people like animals..but you wont see that on your damn news channel. Throw a rock at the glass box, corrupting your thoughts, my people cant be bought, Now look who’s calling the shots.
– Eh yo, from my block to your block, it’s no different
– same shit, same struggle, different hustle for a better livin
– Look I ain’t the type to go and get it, then go get a chain
– I’m a soldier, that’s how I rock, you can’t knock me of my pivet
– I’d rather tell the savages to take it off your neck
– cause somebodies fridge is empty, and they late up on they rent
– and the jobs ain’t hiring, taxes getting hire like, damn
– why the fuck you think Greece rioting?
– that’s what you’d call fighting for your rights
– cause you call it how you see it but you see it on TV
– I do the same, I call it how I see but I see it 20/20
– and I call that shit fighting for your life, yeah
– I keep a warrior mind state, I’m a outlaw, my attitude is fuck the law
– the only one I fear is God and I fear myself at times
– so if cops carry theirs, then I’m a carry mine, guaranteed

Austerity measures, street riots and protests
they increase taxes but decrease progress
look back at Athens, glass smash no Opa
they was trying to get they pockets fat like Oprah
since then, see me wit the slimes like okra
hammer close by, Intellect ain’t no cho-cha
patient in the cut I’m posted up like s’ppose to
Random ENT you see the face on the poster
parring with a fire roaster, so don’t approach us
want to see the King look closer, I’m that
rolling with a goon 9 strap and a 9 pack
Flemo Park to Greece the poor stay where the crime at
so bang this til it climax, and my life ain’t a moive
front row when the iron clap!

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