I make the best of every situation
Always in place and never needin placement
And i aint here to save the nation
I’m trying to get some plays on a shitty radio station
I’m trying to get some food in my gut and a blowjob
Trying to get my pet fed and a door with a doorknob
Where i am, you shouldnt go god
I know that all you see is a goon on the mic that goes hard
But theres a price to pay, shit to eat
Lucky I’m alone, what if i had a couple kids to feed?
The hunger would have got us blinded
And i aint trying to be worse of a pops than mine is
I don’t want my kids robbing, don’t want em slanging
I don’t want em on the block-i dont want em gangbangin
I want my kids to take the world over
I want my kids son i dont want soldiers

I make the best of every situation
You couldnt face the truth like Uncle Ruckus, no relation.
Almost made me a mental patient
8 years old, stone cold, moms hating
My brother doesnt want to know me
But every bitch you trying to get get is trying to get to blow me
You think she trying to get to know me?
NOBODY knows me. not even me.
And i aint trying to be known and inaugurated
I wanna stay true, like this fuck you, and always hated
Word is bond, i dont want none
I’m just wanna write a song sony, i dont want funds
Cause if i get em from you they aint worth shit
Cause you aint worth shit, and the same goes for your whole clique
Give ’em a bundle and watch ’em come around
The loudest hound, still shut ’em down with the thunder pound

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