Hip Hop is the voice of the voiceless
coming from conditions of poverty
hip hop is the voice for the people
not for the capitalist not for the system
hip hop is for the hood
all over the world from the South Bronx to Athens Greece.

Hip hop – la voz de una generation
la voz de pueblo
los pueblos marginados
los pueblos en resistencia
el hip hop combattivo
Rebel Diaz – Active Member …

See I first heard the rhythm,
I knew that it was me.
So now I mc, to set my people free.
Drastically things have changed in the culture I love.
What you mean? I don’t know man!All of the above!
Started off as a Bboy. Uprock in the hallway.
Hip Hop! We doin it our way!
You can keep the money, the glamour n glitz.
I don’t need to have hitz, I got love from the kidz
on my block, cuz we talk, cuz we chill, cuz we build!
We got skill, cuz we dream, cuz we feel.
What you know about strife and them
blue n red lights?
And them corner street fights that keep us up all night?
What you know about the youth all across the globe?
That listen to your words and make them their own?
This is Life. Our Story. Our Journey. Our Path.
Our craft under attack so we gotta bring it back.

Φέρτο πίσω, όταν μπορείς (το παλιό καλό Hip hop)
στην αρχική του εικόνα
σαν την σκιά στον ήλιο,
τη ζεστασιά απ’ το χειμώνα.
Φέρτο πίσω στα μάτια των παιδιών
κάντο ξανά χαρά και περηφάνια τους.
Τη φωτιά άπλωσε των τραγουδιών,
οι εξεγερμένοι να γλεντήσουνε τα νιάτα τους.

El espirito vive neva defeated
we say “la lucha sigue” cuz
in my heart I really feel it
the essence is present, the present
is a gift what the future
hold if we ain’t tought how
to give. As a kid we enseñaron
comparte hace arte, neva forgot this
carry it in my heart wherever I go
Hip Hop in my soul
it’s a code of life
not just music I like
write songs for liberation
for future generations
cross borders, cross nations
timeless creations
a ripple in the pud
a lyric in a song
create a different outcome
now look at what you done
changed a life
with a vinyl n a mic,
shine the light
but how we can keep it bright
no hay camino que se cruze
sin luchas que nos quillen
pal futuro for the children
for the world that we believe in.

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